Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hi Blogger.

Finally, I post SOMETHING on this god-forsaken-blog. I need to get into the habit on posting shit again...
(I was on DA a couple years ago, but left. I started to really dislike the community there.)
I haven't put effort in posting on blogs for so long, I'm too lazy to even scan a freakin' sketch.

I will be posting stuff on here soon enough. Believe it or not, I have been sketching quite a bit here and there.

Just, being in the 3rd quarter in college and's almost hard to sit down to relax and draw something that comes to my head.

TIME MANAGEMENT= Needs major fixing.
And I need to kick procrastination in the face.

But hey, other then that, I hope to actually start blogging on here daily. Even once a week to once every TWO weeks. I do have friends who want to see my work and I shall not disappoint! I just need to get a scanner first...that would be nice. A nice flat would be REALLY nice. - U -

Alright, done introductions for now...perhaps now that I posted something, I could get some motivation!

Until then~


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